Cycling holiday offer

Cycling holiday offer

Cycling holiday offer
Several companies offer package cycling tours on the Berlin-Copenhagen route. Packages include planned routes as well as accommodation, meals and luggage transport.
Die mecklenburger Radtour offers Berlin-Copenhagen and Copenhagen-Berlin

Try also the new 6 days (5 nights) cycling tour on 4 beautiful Danish islands along the Danish stage of the Berlin-Copenhagen Bikeway.

Mini cycling packages on the Panorama Routes
You pass 10 sign-posted Panorama Routes in Denmark – so why not stay one more day?
We have gathered all the best offers for accommodation, meals, bicycle hire and activities along the Panorama Routes. All offers are available in PDF format.

From Møn, take the On Top of the World. The following packages are available on Møn:

From Rødvig, take the Clifftop drama. The following packages are available in Rødvig: