Looking for Biking Partner August 17-22 Berlin-Copenhagen

Looking for Biking Partner August 17-22 Berlin-Copenhagen
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Hello kind people of the b/c radweg blog,

I am planning a 5 day bike ride to Copenhagen starting on Friday August 17th. I posted earlier on FB and elsewhere but I am having a hard time even finding people who are mildly curious. All I hear is "wow that's too much".
I am happy to share my LinkedIn, FB and other professional and social media pages just to give an idea.
I am 38, Male. I was born in 79 in USSR. Currently I live in Washington DC. I work in Microfinance. I love reading, nature, cooking and I enjoy eating good food(can you believe it?). Most importantly I am very handy and practical. I already built two bikes so I am definitely proficient in changing the tubes and fixing minor problems like when the chain breaks etc. I can also swim pretty well, so in case you fall of the ferry into the sea between Rostock and Gedser, I will be there for you. Anyway you might hate me because I don't use helmet, but that is my only flaw, believe it or not.