My First Solo Cycle Tour was on this Berlin-Copenhagen Bikeway!

My First Solo Cycle Tour was on this Berlin-Copenhagen Bikeway!
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Priyanka dalal

It's been 3 years since I went on my first solo cycle touring expedition on this Berlin - Copenhagen Bikeway. I have now cycled in many other countries including Australia, Taiwan and homeground - India but I still feel that I have cycle toured 'properly' only on this first trip.
In Australia, it was a very cold and wet spring so I ended up camping less and changing routes quite often. In Taiwan, I cycled mostly with a media group part of the Formosa900 event so it was quite organized and didn't include camping.

I have written down a few details of my Berlin to Copenhagen ride, details here...

If you are considering this route, I think it is a really good one.
Feel free to ask me any Qs on the link above or on Twitter/Instagram @priyankawriting :)




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Hi!I am thinking a lot about the bike route Berlin - Copenhagen lately and i have read your story in the blog. I have some questions.1) How many days did it take to finish? 2) How many km in average did you do per day? 3) How much money did you spernd approximately per day? 4) Did you traveled alone? Because I am thinking to bike it alone. Thank you in advnance and wish you many bike trips!

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