The Coffeehouse B&B

The Coffeehouse B&B is an exclusive overnight stay in Stege. Located in a historical luxury flat in the old pharmacy in Stege, the Coffeehouse offers five unique rooms that give you an experience of visiting the old pharmacists own home. The Coffeehouse B&B offers five rooms that each has its own character. There is something for each taste - from Kvisten, which is the smallest room in the house with the best view to Stege Nor – to the Luxury suite with 50m2 of lavishness facing Stege Torv. Every room and shared areas in the Coffeehouse are decorated nicely with wallpaper, furniture, pictures and ornaments from the faded time and will give you a picture of the period, but with some modern and contemporary touch.

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The Coffeehouse B&B
Storegade 48
Stege 4780