KØS museum of art in public places - Køge

KØS is the only museum in Denmark dedicated to art in public spaces and one of the few of its kind in the world.

Experience changing exhibitions, activities and  debates featuring the role of art in public spaces – as we meet it in urban spaces, streets, hospitals, schools, churches and other public places.
Explore the three floors of the museum or go outside to enjoy the new artistic forecourt created by pictorial artist Ann Lislegaard. Combine your stay with a visit to the café and the popular shop. 

The museum’s collection includes more than 18,000 sketches, models and preparatory studies for art in public spaces, testifying to the exciting and challenging processes connected with the creation of this kind of art – from Edvard Eriksen’s original plaster model of The Little Mermaid in 1:1, Poul Gernes’ decoration of a secret government bunker, Katrine Ærtebjerg’s sketches for the Frederik VIII Mansion at Amalienborg Palace to the model of Elmgreen & Dragset’s much discussed sculpture Han (He in English) – a male parallel to The Little Mermaid - on view on the harbour front in Elsinore.

The sketches for Bjørn Nørgaard’s Gobelins are not on display from 14 February to 15 September 2016 due to another exhibition.



KØS museum of art in public places - Køge
Nørregade 29,
Køge 4600