Møn Bolcher

Sweet dreams come true 

The small sweet factory at the old sugar factory in Stege is one of the best places to visit for any child.

Here, children can make their own lollipops together with professional sweet makers. The adjoined shop offers a wide selection of colorful products and tastes of warm sweeti- es before the sugar mass has cooled.

The sweet factory has expanded its produc- tion and can now also tempt visitors with a large area filled with dragée confectionary: Granddad’s choko-liquorice – Raspberry chili liquorice - Mint Liquorice – Salty-Choko- almonds - Sweet choko-liquorice-almonds – Salty-Choko-almonds(sugar-free) - Finnish licorice (sweet) - Finnish liquorice (strong). 

For further informations regarding prices and opening houers, visit Møn Bolchers homepage. 


Møn Bolcher
Kostervej 2
Stege 4780