Solgardsparken in Stroeby Egede.


Solgardsparken in Stroeby Egede.

Between Koege Bugt and Tryggevaelde river lies Solgardsparken, which in early times had a lot of money spent on it. In 1904 the authoress Karen Bramson built a so called beach road house, which was called Solgarden (The Sun Garden).
Here she got inspirations for her stage plays and it also became a cultural meeting place for artists from a large part of Europe.

In 1917 ship owner Marius Nielsen bought the house and extended the garden to make a large park. Under the guidance of a landscape architect canals and lakes were dug and avenues were made. On his journey’s in South Europe the ship owner bought works of art which were placed in various parts of the park.
After the shipowner had paid Anders Bundsgaard for the statue called gefions fountain on Langelinie in Copenhagen, this artist presented him with a bronze cast study of it to put in the Sun Garden.

In every day life the park gives you plenty of opportunities to enjoy the
outdoors as the park is a natural pearl. You can barbeque, play and
have a good time with the facilities the park society provide. The park is
far from finished, but is developing progresively and has lots of local


Solgardsparken in Stroeby Egede.
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