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Stevns Museum

The exhibition at Stevns Museum features the unique geology of Stevns Klint and the centuries old history of the coexistence of man and Cliff.

Stevns Klint obtained worldwide fame when two American scientist visited it at Hoejerup in 1978, their research throwing light on the riddle why half of all species of animals on earth became extinct 65.5 million years ago. The exhibition at Stevns Museum also presents fossils from Stevns Klint testifying to life in the sea that formerly covered Stevns, the major part of Denmark and Northern Europe. 

The exhibition also depicts how the inhabitants of Stevns have lived and worked here for centuries, while exploiting the raw material from the Cliff. 

Stevns Museum is located a few steps away from Stevns Klint and Hoejerup Old Church, from where visitors can enjoy a beautiful view across Stevns Klint and the Baltic sea. A visit to the playground is also recommended. 

There is a parking fee of DKK 30 to pay in the car park at Hoejerup Old Church and Stevns Museum. This fee goes towards maintenance of the memorial grove and the surrounding areas.


Stevns Museum
Højerup Bygade 38
Store Heddinge 4660