Theater concert 'The Tower' and 'The Well'

'Sonnergaard manor house' will be the idyllic setting for two new music/theatre performances, 'The Tower' and 'The Well'.
These two works are essential elements of the festival's programme which will include professional actors and musicians alongside multi- talented practitioners from the refugee centre at Aunstrup.
The Festival is a celebration of life as we live it today, in the here and now, a star speckled universe where boundaries become diffuse and the Sun's light and warmth generates life and growth without discrimination or justification.
The festival performances allow us to revisit the ancient Greek and old Nordic traditions and cultures and meet again the creation myths and saga's which are rooted in our collective pasts as well as our present contemporary cultural realities.
This meeting place is where the god's interact with people, where epic mythological narratives call for a revolutionary change of heart and mind as boy warriors and enchanting elfin girls dance in the woods and forests again.
We gather around the warmth of the blazing fire and create a place where everything interconnects and belongs.


Theater concert 'The Tower' and 'The Well'
Sonnerupgaard Gods
Hvalsø 4330