Valloe Castle park.


Valleo Castle Park is open to the public.

The Park was originally brought home in the 18th century. Shortly after construction it was converted to the current open English garden style.

At the end of the last century was the great fashion to collect rare trees and Vallo Castle Park has many of these preserved.

Castle Park is a beautiful and elegant setting for Vallo Castle. The park, which stretches over 15 hectares, is built in the English style with large lawns and many groups of old trees.
From the castle park - with the magnificent lawns and tended paths - there is a smooth transition to Valloe Deer Park, where nature is allowed to romp more on their own terms. Care level declines steadily the farther away you get from the castle. Deer Islands, located between Castle Park and Deer Park, was established as an employment project in 1878-80.

The park is open to individuals between the hours. 8:00 am and sunset time (see order of Procedure). It is expected that you as a guest show consideration for other park visitors, and that you know your behavior takes into account site specific nature and the environment. To give you the opportunity to get a little more out of a possible visit, Valloe Foundation prepared a guide with a brief historical description, more touring suggestions, a botanical inventory and a map of the area.

The Valloe Castle is not open to visitors , as it is private space , but you are welcome to look into the courtyard (at 8- sundown).


Valloe Castle park.
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