Fürstenberg – Neustrelitz

Neustrelitz - Fürstenberg

Legendary and in the midst of mystical beech forests, Stechlin is a good way to get in the mood for the lowland plains of small lakes dotted around Mecklenburg. These crystal-clear and unfathomable waters belong to a mosaic of 320 lakes, many of which are linked. Lake-farers cross the border between Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg at Lake Ellbogen. The numerous hidden crannies to swim and picturesque picnic sites are always enticing. There is a magnificent view of the blue labyrinth from the castle turret in Wesenberg on Lake Woblitz.  The route leads into the beautiful baroque city of Neustrelitz, where the dukes of Mecklenburg-Strelitz settled on the banks of Lake Zierk. The fairytale palace garden with orangery and numerous sculptures is a delightful backdrop for brilliantly staged operettas in summer.

Photo: Slavendorf Neustrelitz | B. Liske

Directions south to north

Fürstenberg Brandenburger Straße/B96/E251

1. Head south on Brandenburger Straße/B96/E251 toward Bahnhofstraße
Continue to follow B96/E251 450 m
2. Turn right onto Rheinsberger Straße 17 m
3. Continue onto Steinförder Straße 160 m
4. Slight right to stay on Steinförder Straße 850 m
5. Turn right at Augustastraße 290 m
6. Continue straight onto Am Röblinsee 97 m
7. Turn right onto Uferweg 290 m
8. Turn left onto Zum See 220 m
9. Turn right onto Steinförder Straße 2.4 km
10. Continue onto Steinerne Furth 3.2 km
11. Continue onto Großmenower Straße 3.6 km
12. Turn left onto Fürstenberger Weg 350 m
13. Continue straight onto Schleusengasse 16 m
14. Turn right onto Pelzkuhler Straße 500 m (12.5 km) – about 45 mins

15. Head north on Pelzkuhler Straße toward Prieperter Landstraße 30 m
16. Continue onto Prieperter Landstraße 300 m
17. Continue onto MST12 1.4 km
18. Turn left 14 m
19. Turn right 1.0 km
20. Turn right 210 m
21. Turn left 12 m
22. Turn right 1.0 km
23. Turn right 800 m
24. Turn left 550 m
25. Turn right toward B122 550 m
26. Turn right onto B122 20 m
27. Turn left onto Dorfstraße 600 m
28. Turn right 350 m
29. Turn left toward MST6 700 m
30. Turn left onto MST6 1.0 km
31. Turn right onto Seewalde 50 m
32. Continue onto MST6 74 m
33. Slight right toward Neu Drosedow 1.7 km
34. Continue straight onto Neu Drosedow 220 m
35. Turn right 190 m
36. Slight left 1.6 km
37. Turn right toward B122 1.7 km
38. Continue straight onto B122 1.3 km
39. Continue onto Mirower Chaussee 75 m
40. Turn right onto Vor dem Wendischen Tor 350 m
41. Vor dem Wendischen Tor turns slightly left and becomes Bahnhofstraße 160 m
42. Turn right onto Lindenstraße 27 m (16.0 km) – about 58 mins


43. Head north on Lindenstraße toward In den Wällen 550 m
44. Slight right 10 m
45. Slight left 4.1 km
46. Turn right 250 m
47. Turn right toward Groß Quassow 1.8 km
48. Turn right toward Groß Quassow 200 m
49. Continue straight onto Groß Quassow 550 m (7.5 km) – about 24 mins

Groß Quassow

50. Head north on Groß Quassow 550 m
51. Turn left to stay on Groß Quassow 350 m
52. Continue onto MST7 2.2 km
53. Turn right onto L25 650 m
54. Turn left toward Vorderster Kalkofen 350 m
55. Continue straight onto Vorderster Kalkofen 1.0 km
56. Continue onto Franzosensteg 130 m
57. Slight left to stay on Franzosensteg 850 m
58. Turn right to stay on Franzosensteg
Partial restricted usage road 450 m
59. Turn left onto Useriner Straße 400 m
60. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Seestraße 400 m (7.3 km) – about 25 mins


Directions north to south

Cycle 43 km, 2 Hours, 29 Minutes

Neustrelitz, Seestraße 38 (6.84 km), 21 Minutes

Head south towards Seestraße 5 m
Exit the roundabout onto Seestraße 370 m
At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Useriner Straße 438 m
Turn right onto Franzosensteg 2.34 km
Continue onto Vorderster Kalkofen 461 m
Turn right onto L25 657 m
Turn left onto MST7 2.49 km
Turn right onto Groß Quassow 75 m

Groß Quassow (7.95 km), 26 Minutes

Head west on Groß Quassow 475 m
Turn right to stay on Groß Quassow 749 m
Turn left 1.83 km
Turn left 248 m
Turn left towards Lindenstraße 4.11 km
Continue straight onto Lindenstraße 529 m

Wesenberg (16.2 km), 57 Minutes

Head south on Lindenstraße towards Bahnhofstraße 27 m
Turn left onto Bahnhofstraße 161 m
Slight right onto Vor dem Wendischen Tor 368 m
Turn left onto Mirower Chaussee 78 m
Continue onto Wustrower Chaussee/B122
Continue to follow B122 1.25 km
Slight right 1.73 km
Turn left towards Neu Drosedow 1.83 km
Turn left onto Neu Drosedow 169 m
Keep left to stay on Neu Drosedow 1.74 km
Slight left onto MST6 124 m
Turn left onto Seewalde 64 m
Continue onto MST6 905 m
Turn right towards Dorfstraße 702 m
Turn right towards Dorfstraße 334 m
Turn left onto Dorfstraße 583 m
Turn right onto B122 20 m
Turn left 553 m
Turn left 535 m
Turn right 811 m
Turn left 1.03 km
Turn left 12 m
Turn right 211 m
Turn left towards MST12 1.02 km
Turn left towards MST12 14 m
Turn right onto MST12 1.73 km
Continue onto Pelzkuhler Straße 243 m

Strasen (4.18 km), 14 Minutes

Head south on Pelzkuhler Straße towardsSchleusengasse 298 m
Turn left onto Fürstenberger Weg 350 m
Turn right towards Großmenower Straße 3.12 km
Continue straight onto Großmenower Straße 420 m

Großmenow (7.86 km), 30 Minutes

Head north-east on Großmenower Straße 27 m
Keep right to stay on Großmenower Straße 3.10 km
Continue onto Steinerne Furth 1.76 km
Continue onto Steinförder Straße 838 m
Turn left onto Zum See 132 m
Turn right onto Am Röblinsee 564 m
Turn left onto Steinförder Straße 999 m
Continue onto Rheinsberger Straße 17 m
Turn left onto Zehdenicker Straße/B96/E251
Continue to follow B96/E251 418 m


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