Meadows, Lakes and Alleys

On this stage you'll pass the diversive and beautiful landscape in the north of Berlin.

Alleys, widespread meadows and fields that change with small woods invite the visitor to a relaxing and recreating trip.


The City of Liebenwalde was first documentary mentioned in 1244.
Its existence has probably its originĀ  in the construction of the castle Liebenwalde in the 12th / 13th century.
By 1800, only ruins were reported to exist as the castles remains.
Since its reconstruction, the property is privately owned.


Zehdenick was documentary mentioned the first time in 1216.
At this time, the place consisted of a castle with a settlement. In 1281 it was granted the city rights.
The Cistercian monastery has been an important Intitution for a long time and is closely intertwined with the history of the city.
Reason for the founding of a monastery in 1250 was a host miracle and the monastery quickly developed into a major place of pilgrimage.
In 1541 the monastery was repealed by the Electoral visitation and rededicated in a pen for noble ladies as such, it existed until 1945.
Through wars and fires the monastery was badly damaged and is now only preserved as a ruin.
Worth seeing are the remains of the cloistered building with the two gable walls obtained from eratic boulders, the northern cloister wing and the restored monastery barn.

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