Berlin-Copenhagen long-distance cycle route

Discover 700 km of adventure on two wheels

Experience the fascinating beauty of Europe on an unforgettable cycle tour along the Berlin-Copenhagen cycle route. This long-distance cycle route connects the vibrant cities of Berlin and Copenhagen and takes you through idyllic landscapes, historic towns and impressive natural wonders. With a total length of 700 kilometers, the route offers perfect opportunities for both experienced cyclists and leisurely connoisseurs.

The Berlin-Copenhagen long-distance cycle route is part of EuroVelo 7 and can be explored in several stages. In Denmark, the route is listed as National Cycle Route 9. Thanks to the signposting with the blue, white and red logo in Germany, you will always stay on the right track. The varied landscapes, from green forests and rolling hills to wide open fields, offer a unique experience. Along the way, numerous sights, historic villages and cozy rest stops invite you to linger. Take the opportunity to swim in one of the crystal-clear lakes, visit a castle or explore one of the two capital cities.

On the Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Denmark stage pages, you will find comprehensive route descriptions, GPX data to download, accommodation as well as valuable tips and suggestions for activities and sights along the route. Your journey begins in Berlin and ends in Copenhagen, but the memories you make on this cycle tour will last a lifetime.

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