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Willkommen auf Falster, Møn und Seeland.

Sie fahren durch mittelalterliche Handelsstädtchen mit Fachwerkhäusern und historischen Pflastergassen und von Insel zu Insel über Dämme und Brücken mit herrlichen Aussichten auf Fjorde und Meerengen. Sie können auf der Strecke zwischen Gedser und Kopenhagen noch mehr von Falster, Møn und Seeland sehen und erleben: Ihr Weg führt Sie nämlich vorbei an 10 ausgeschilderten Panoramarouten, die jeweils denselben Start- und Endpunkt haben und als Tagestouren gedacht sind. Denn was spricht dagegen, einen Tag länger zu bleiben und die Gegend zu erkunden?

Highlights in Denmark

25 KM

Schmale Gasse mit bunten Häusern und Blick auf's Wasser
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Nykøbing Falster

Nykøbing Falster is a delightfully charming town, nicely situated by the waters of Guldborgsund. The town has an extensive grid of pedestrian streets with shops and cafés. This is also where you find The Medieval Centre, Guldborgsund Zoo and various museums.

51 KM

Luftbild der Hesnæsküste
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Hesnæs Harbour, which has thatched houses, beautiful woods and swimming beaches, has expanded so that sailors can stock up and eat at the harbour. Bakery, patisserie, cafe, take-away, and lots of events at the harbour.

75 KM

Deckenbemalung der Elmelundkirche
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Fanefjord kirke

The churches on Møn are plentiful, beautiful and diverse – and in a unique highlight, the unknown Elmelunde Master has decorated several of the churches with the most impressive frescoes. You will find the famous frescoes in Elmelunde, Keldby and Fanefjord Church.

97 KM

Außenansicht des Moens Museums
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Stege is one of Denmark’s oldest shopping towns and bears the mark of the Middle Ages, as well as more modern times, which makes the city an interesting and beautiful city to explore.

129 KM

Zwei idyllische Häuser mit einem Weg in der Mitte und Blick auf den Præstøfjord
© VisitSydsjælland-Møn/Tage Klee


The coastal town of Præstø is an idyllic gem situated right on Præstø Fjord. The town has a special charm that must be experienced up close. The picturesque town is famed for its French spring market and the beautiful church in the middle of the town. 

143 KM

Luftbild vom Badestrand am Præstøfjord mit einem fahrenden Traktor im Sand
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Feddet is an amazing and picturesque peninsula that separates Præstø Fjord and Faxe bay. You’ll find beautiful nature here, with many kilometres of beaches and walking and cycling routes on stunning nature trails. In addition, there are plenty of activities for both children and adults.

169 KM

Personen sitzen im dunklen Raum der durch Illustrationen erhellt wird
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Stevns Klint Experience

At Stevns Klint Experience, experience the story of how an asteroid impact 66 million years ago wiped out half of life on Earth. But the experience centre also tells the story of how life went on, flourished and evolved into the life we know today.

205 KM

Straße bei Abendsonne mit Blick auf eine Kirche


Køge is a old town that is very much alive. Visit the local museums, enjoy the beautiful old, well preserved houses while not forgetting the modern architecture of our new neighbourhoods. And the spectacular Market Square in Køge has no equal in any other town. With woodland and beaches close to the city centre.

241 KM

Außenansicht am Wasser des ARKEN Museums für moderne Kunst

Arken Museum for Moderne Kunst

ARKEN is a great and monumental building situated in the artificial landscape, Køge Bay Beach, a short drive or train ride south of Copenhagen. The museum has one of Scandinavia’s finest collections of contemporary art, and its maritime-inspired architecture has won recognition at home and abroad since it opened in 1996.

260 KM

Zwei Frauen fahren mit dem Fahrrad über den Wilders Kanal; im Hintergrund viele große, rote Backsteingebäude
© Visit Copenhagen | Thomas Høyrup Christensen


The buzzing capital of Denmark mixes modern architecture and culture with sustainable living, royal history, and a mouthwatering restaurant scene. Get to know Copenhagen, do your planning, and find all your questions answered right here.

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