Travel information

If you only want to cycle the tour in one direction, there are numerous other travel options for the outward or return journey. There are flight, train and bus connections between Berlin and Copenhagen and if you book in good time, you can get tickets at a reasonable price.

Deutsche Bahn and DSB stand for rail transport between Berlin and Copenhagen. Please note that bicycles can be taken on Intercity (IC) and EuroCity (EC) trains, as well as on selected connections on German ICE trains. Bicycles may be taken on German and Danish regional and InterCity trains.

The following applies to Deutsche Bahn long-distance services: To be able to take your bicycle on the train, you need a bicycle ticket and a parking space reservation for the bicycle. You can conveniently book the bike ticket in one go when you buy your ticket. A reservation is essential, as the number of bicycle parking spaces is limited. The reservation is free of charge if you book it at the same time as the bicycle ticket.

You can take your bike with you on local Deutsche Bahn services if the train is not too full. You will need a bicycle day pass in addition to your ticket.

You can also travel one way by bus. FlixBus and Gråhundbus operate daily services. However, please note that it is not possible to take bicycles with you.

The vast majority of Danish buses allow bicycles, but the bus driver has the final say. If he thinks that there is no room for your bike, he can refuse to carry it. Don’t forget to buy a bicycle ticket.

If you have traveled from Berlin to Copenhagen and would like to return by train with your bike, the quickest solution is to take the regional train from Copenhagen to Nykøbing Falster and then cycle from there to the ferry in Gedser (26 km). From Rostock you can take your bike on the train back to Berlin.

Depending on the season, there are various connections between Møn and Falster. Either via the island of Bogø – with the ferry Ida – or via the road bridge between Zealand and Falster. The ferry Ida operates from May 1 to September 15, as well as during the fall vacations (week 42).


Check with DSB and Movia for details on the transportation of bicycles on Danish buses and trains. The same applies to Deutsche Bahn, on whose website you can find out more about taking bicycles on German trains.


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